Teams of the Decade: An Overview

Some people have approached me saying that it would be nice to have an overview over the Teams of the Decade I compiled. Who am I to disagree?

Lukas Fesca in particular was so kind to create a game in which you can choose which eleven, in your opinion, is the strongest.

Here are the results:


I agree with most of the selections, especially with the collective verdict that ’05-’15 and ’65-’75 are the two front-runners and that there is very little separating them.

Thanks again to Lukas Fesca!

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Who Is the Best Footballer of All Time?

For the last two years I’ve watched my way through (male) football history. I wrote about what I saw in a series of blogposts on Teams of the Decades. Starting in 2015 and working my way back in five year steps, I concluded that project this April with the Team of the Decade 1950-1960.

This blogpost is the second and final one of a mini-series of extra blogposts that are intended to bring closure to the whole project. In the first one I compiled what I think is the best team in football history. In this one I will write about who is, in my (hopefully educated) opinion, the best football player of all time, whereby “all time” is defined as 1950-2017. (Impossible to judge before that.)Read More »