Team of the Decade 1975-1985


Manager: Bob Paisley


Schumacher, Fillol, Gatti; Cabrini, Junior, Camacho; Olsen, Stielike, Hansen, Krol, Bossis, Förster;  Gentile, Neal, Gerets; Tardelli, Breitner, Schuster; Giresse, Socrates, Conti; Maradona, Bochini, Boniek; Dalglish, Keegan, Kempes; Cruyff, Fischer, Simonsen; Blokhin, Bertoni, Hrubesch

Best Player: Graeme Souness

Best Team: Liverpool FC 1977-1985

Best Club: Liverpool FC

Best Match: Liverpool – Roma, European Cup Final 1984

A preliminary remark: when people compile Teams of the Decade, they most often restrict the meaning of the term ‘decade’ to something like the 80s or the 90s. I don’t. When I say ‘decade’, I simply mean a time span of  10 years. This post is the fifth in a series of articles in which I compile Teams of the Decade. I will work my way back in time in 5 year steps. After this post, the next one will be about the 1970-1980 Team of the Decade, the last one was about the 1980-1990 Team of the Decade. I’ll work my way back in time until the 1950-1960 Team of the Decade. I will stop there because the lack of footage for players before 1950 makes it impossible for me to form an opinion about them that is truly my own. I chose to go back in steps of 5 years, because that seems to be a good compromise. Going back in steps of 10 years is unfair towards those players who have performed the best around the turn of a decade (take Xavi, for example). Smaller steps would mean a lot of repetition: the 2004-2014 Team of the Decade won’t be that different from the 2005-2015 Team of the Decade.
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