Team of the Season 2015-16

Since 2008-09 I have been compiling my Team of the Season at the end of every season. While my selection is certainly influenced by my limited knowledge and my personal preferences, I try not to build a team of my favourite players, but of the players who performed the best during that season. In order to establish which player performed the best in a given position, I look at quantity and quality of performance only.

So here’s my Team of the Season 2015-16. I define ‘2015-16’ as starting with the final whistle of the Champions League final 2015 and ending with the final whistle of the Champions League final 2016.


Manager: Claudio Ranieri

Best Player: Sergio Busquets

Best Team: FC Barcelona (Atletico would have won the title if not for their weak and uncharacteristic performance in the final of the CL)

Best Match: FC Liverpool – Borussia Dortmund

Bench: Navas, Buffon, Neuer; Filipe Luis, Alaba, Alba; Boateng, Piqué, Godin, T. Silva, Mascherano, Ramos; Juanfran, Carvajal, Mariano; Kroos, Weigl, Kanté; Vidal, Gündogan, Gabi; Iniesta, Ibrahimovic, Mahrez; Griezmann, Neymar, Vardy; Higuain, Kane, Lewandowski; Müller, Benzema, Özil


David de Gea

A lot of the players chosen for this team come from teams who have performed well this season. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Their fine performances were a key reason why their respective teams did well. The case of de Gea is a bit different. Manchester United, still his club after a summer move to Real Madrid collapsed under the most hillarious of circumstances, had a rough year. But not because of de Gea, but despite him. While his season started badly, he was omitted from the squad after said transfer saga, he quickly reached his by now usual level and bailed his team out with fantastic saves time and time again. Potentially Manuel Neuer is the best goalkeeper in the world. However, he had one of his weaker seasons. While he continued to be great on the line, it was his trademark sweeper-keeper game that let him down this season. He made too many uncharacteristic mistakes to make the team. Keepers like Navas, Buffon and Oblak had fine seasons, too. But from what I’ve seen de Gea has deserved the place.Read More »