Various All Star Teams 2008-2014

This post is basically just a collection of the various All Star Teams I’ve compiled since 2008. In most cases I compiled the lineups right after the end of the tournament/season they’re about. I didn’t change my selections prior to this publication. Because of this my choices represent the opinions I held back then, but not necessarily the ones I hold today.

When compiling those teams, my aim was to field the players who performed the best during that tournament/season and to build a team that could somehow actually work. So no ‘2 defenders, 6 strikers’ formations for me.

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Team of the Season 2014-15

Since 2008-09 I have been compiling my Team of the Season at the end of every season. While my selection is certainly influenced by my limited knowledge and my personal preferences, I try not to build a team of my favourite players, but of the players who performed the best during that season. In order to establish which player performed the best in a given position, I look at quantity and quality of performance only.Read More »